21st century America (True Story)

Racism and White Terrorism

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3 min readJun 19, 2020

Dear White People,

This is based on true story with real-life events. This is rampant in the 21st century USA.

  • Lynching People of Color (PoC) is legal, but it is Wrong.
  • Torture/ violation of humans PoC is legal, but it is Inhuman.
  • Toilet cam (Live) of your neighbors/ coworkers PoC is legal, but it is Barbaric.
  • Poisoning food/ water of your PoC neighbors and watch them suffer/ die on live stream is legal, but it is Sadistic.

Lynching continues in many forms including poisoning food/ water, police brutality, ICE abuses, Corporate sponsored Naziism and many more targeted towards People of Color. And, they are legal too.

“LEGALITY is NOT a guide for MORALITY”

And many more inhuman barbaric acts are legal. They are often termed as “white privileges”.

As a white person, you have a choice to exercise your white privileges or choose Humanity.


These perpetrators are not few ignorant people, they are the majority of white people from Corporate Executives to your next door neighbor. They are Republicans, Democrats, Jews, Christians, Feminists, LGBT+ white people and more

These evil people are “vile beings”. They lack common sense and basic human values.

They do enjoy the overwhelming support of Government agencies including Law enforcement, Politicians and Corporate America sponsorship to perpetrate heinous crimes against humanity.

This is much more than racism:

These people aid and abet the crimes of radical extremist groups like KKK/ White nationalists, They further collude with global Terrorist groups/ Extremists and proxy their agenda. Further they torment/ violate PoC for their own sadistic pleasures with all legal support. (True Story)

Fake/ False and Wrong:

When humans PoC seek justice, there is conspiracy, media spin, false accusations, baseless allegations, wild speculations, and fake blogs with lies and rumors to create false perception, spread false prejudices, distort reality, defame and blame the victims.

Further white people cite those fake blogs as excuse justification to perpetrate vile acts against humans PoC for their own sadistic pleasures. #WhitePrivilege

Life Choices:

Everyone has a choice to be a ‘Vile Being’ or a ‘Human Being”. They can make this choice in everyday actions with how they treat their neighbors, under privileged, PoC and fellow humans. Please choose wisely. Choose Humanity! Adopt basic human values such as Compassionate empathy.

Being Human:

Being born as Human species is granted but “Being Human” is character. Check the below post on how “Oskar Schindler”, a White Catholic set an example of “Being Human”.


Before you make any negative comments on this post. Please note, this is based on true real-life events continuously repeated over many years.

“Staying Alive” is primary concern and a daily challenge.

Complaints, humble requests, and pleading to stop torture and poisoning did not work. Instead these evil people took much pleasure in torture and continued this for many years, just for their sadistic desires. This continues till date. (June 2020)

Even the Covid pandemic and Govt. shutdown did not deter these white people from torturing the People of Color.

#WhitePrivilege #WhiteTerrorism #Feminism


Note: Consider this post with open-mind and positive attitude. These barbaric acts are rampant. Unfortunately, most people are doing nothing about it and many take pleasure in such acts.

This in Corporate America:

There are too many KKK Racists and White Extremists among us, they Lynch, Torment and Violate People of Color; these extremists are neighbors, business owners, Corporate Executives, Bartenders, LGBT+ white people and more.

*** What are you doing about it? ***

Peace, Joy, and prosperity for all of Humanity!



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