KKK-ops/ Neo-Nazi (I.C.E.)

Racism and White Terrorism

Héms 😎
3 min readJun 4, 2020


Lynching continues in many forms. This is rampant and happens more often than one can imagine. This is 21st century America.

Cops are indeed KKK-ops.


This is 21st century reality. This pattern is repeated over and over.

Please support “Fair and Unbiased Justice for all of Humanity!”.


I.C.E has long known to be proxy agency for KKK/ white nationalists targeting people of color. This poster just reaffirms the same.

I.C.E. is greater evil than Nazis and much more barbaric than ISIS.

I.C.E. primarily serves the agenda of KKK, White Terrorists, Global Extremists, Wealthy Criminal Evils, and sex offenders worse than Epstein.

Rampant abuse/violation of women and children of color in ICE detention camps. Unnecessary hysterectomy operations on women PoC to prevent children of color being born.

I.C.E. is Neo-Nazi extremism.

If this happened to a Privileged/ White woman, Feminists would be up in arms with lawsuits, demonstrations, women’s rights march, congressional hearings and dismantling of Neo-Nazi Enterprise (ICE).

Too bad, these victims are (PoC) women of color and poor. 😢

Many white people support and stand with I.C.E because it is politically correct to say ICE instead of saying they are with KKK or white extremists.

Rights and Wrongs are misplaced:

Unfortunate and Sad reality.

There are too many KKK Racists and White Extremists among us, they Lynch, Torment and Violate People of Color; these extremists are neighbors, business owners, Corporate Executives, Bartenders, LGBT+ white people and more.

*** What are you doing about it? ***

Peace, Joy, and prosperity for all of Humanity!



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