Ronda Stryker — Evil sex predator

True Story! Real-life events!

Strykers’ are much worse than Epstein.

Mind Your Business! Stand up for Human Rights!

N.O.Y.B. — None Of Your Business.

One’s personal lifestyle or sexuality or their habits or what they do for living or why they behave certain way is NOYB. It is their life.

Learn the Facts. Unlearn the Myth!

Did You Know?

Origin of Homophobic laws.

It is neither Religion nor Nazis. Read further to know

“”How one royal family invented the plague of homophobia and spread them around the world.””

Current Homophobic laws around the world originated here!

Did You Know?

Aryans: Facts and Myth

True Aryans are Indigenous people of S. Asia.

True Aryans embraced all religions, sexualities, skin colors, ethnicities, humanity and human values. (Pagans/ PoC)

(White) Aryan Myth was a British Propaganda.

If not for the British propaganda; Maybe Holocaust would have never happened. Nazis adopted Aryan myth from British.

White people! Racist Media!

In the light of events in Capitol Hill, Washington DC on Jan 6th, 2021.

Many of the protestors were highly educated Americans with college degrees, Decorated Veterans from various branches of US military, First responders, Law enforcement officers across the country, Business Owners, etc.


Racism and White Terrorism

Dear White People,

This is based on true story with real-life events. This is rampant in the 21st century USA.

  • Lynching People of Color (PoC) is legal, but it is Wrong.
  • Torture/ violation of humans PoC is legal, but it is Inhuman.
  • Toilet cam (Live) of your neighbors/ coworkers PoC is legal, but…

Racism and White Terrorism


Lynching continues in many forms. This is rampant and happens more often than one can imagine. This is 21st century America.

Cops are indeed KKK-ops.


This is 21st century reality. This pattern is repeated over and over.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? White Terrorism is 150 years old.

Know the difference!

“Know the difference!”

Not Truth:

Interpretations, Inferences, Assumptions, Speculations, Opinions, Hearsay, theories, “Politics”, Social Media, Gossips, Blogs, AV Media such as TV/ pod-casts. These are not the truth, just another perspective.

True life story. (Nazi Enterprises)

Torture, Torment, Trauma Continues.

It has been 5+ years since quitting Stryker. Yet, torment and torture continue to date. Poisoning of food, water, and beverages within the private residence. Spraying toxins over refrigerated food.

Even drinking water is repeatedly poisoned.

Poison substances possibly range from…

People are to be liked and things are to be valued!

Definition of Valuation:

The monetary worth…

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