History — Homophobia/ Aryan

Learn the Facts. Unlearn the Myth!

Héms 😎
May 25, 2021

Did You Know?

Origin of Homophobic laws.

It is neither Religion nor Nazis. Read further to know

“”How one royal family invented the plague of homophobia and spread them around the world.””

Current Homophobic laws around the world originated here!

Did You Know?

Aryans: Facts and Myth

True Aryans are Indigenous people of S. Asia.

True Aryans embraced all religions, sexualities, skin colors, ethnicities, humanity and human values. (Pagans/ PoC)

(White) Aryan Myth was a British Propaganda.

If not for the British propaganda; Maybe Holocaust would have never happened. Nazis adopted Aryan myth from British.

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