We do force ourselves to be someone else, so that we can fit in some social circle. We create false identity for ourselves and for some it is expressed as hate against someone else who do not fit in our defined profiles. Often people do bad things just for bragging rights among their identified social circle of chauvinists/ feminists/ straight heteros or whatever their circle tag might be.

Bullying is assertive of power and strength; homophobia is assertive of their hetero Straight tag; dominance over women is assertive of male chauvinism; abusing and oppressing other men is assertive of feminism. Call these as social stigma or culture, we need to get rid of those superficial structures and stick to fundamentals of being human.

Treat everyone as another individual deserving freedom and equal rights.

And there is peer pressure to prove ourselves better than others even if it is by unethical false means. Nowadays being socially acceptable and winning matters everything but the path/ method has no significance. This is so wrong!

Sexuality or sexual orientation:

Most scientific researches has proven that human sexuality is fluid and oscillates in a spectrum which alienates and identifies total “Straight” as deviants. And most force themselves in a defined sexuality cocoon just for the privilege. If there were no societal privilege for being Straight, most will shred off their Straight tag already.

The fact is that every straight person would go Gay/ Lesbian for the right person at the right moment.

Most often, this very fear of their sexuality and suppression of their own non-straight sexual desires along with sexual insecurity is expressed as homophobia.

May be it is time to abolish “Straight” tag forever and accept scientific fact that human sexuality is fluid.

Let everyone be given a chance to explore their sexuality beyond the set limits by such superficial tags and freedom from the cage of “hetero/straight” they are confined to now. Still people can choose to be straight.

Let sexuality be one’s own choice and not forced by religion or culture.

If everyone chose their own sexuality and sexual orientation with complete freedom of choice, along with abolition of any systemic privileges based on sexuality. Then people would be confident of their own choice with no insecurity. Thus, there would be no discrimination against anyone based on sexual orientation in this planet.

As adults, what one does in their bedroom or with their genitals should be none of anyone’s business. Only thing matters is mutual consensus with NO violation or abuse of another person.

Hate and Bigotry:

Most do not know many things about their own self but spend all their time judging others with hate, bigotry. If we all spend our time on self-awareness then there would be enlightenment along with peace and harmony all over.

On a humor note, How do you eat an elephant? Elephant is a peaceful animal and is vegan too. Live and let live. Let us not eat an elephant. :-)

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