Most often the original intention of messages in religious texts are lost in translation. Moreover, Bible was not written in English and this language did not exist that time. Bible was translated into English many centuries ago which we currently refer as “Old English” and modern English is constantly evolving with new meanings to old words.

For the argument sake, let us assume that this translation was perfectly done carrying the essence of original message. As it was in “Old English” we should go back to that time for literal meanings of those words in English translation of Bible.

As most people pick the verbatim of this statement, so let us dissect this statement as per “Old English”.

MAN: In old English, the word “Man” refers to human person of all genders. Etymologically the word “man” is derived from Sanskrit “manus” which literally means “Human” with no reference to gender. For this very reason, humankind was always referred as “mankind” in English literature. The word “man” referring to specific gender is of recent construct in modern English.

WOMAN: The word woman in English was derived from “W/O MAN” (Wife Of Man) and does not refer to a particular gender. And the word “wife” has also roots in other languages and is loosely used even today as in “mid-wife”.

As per Old English, the meaning of words in Bible as below.
Man = A human person of any gender.
Woman = Wife of Man (human person) / Spouse

With the above facts now reinterpret the definition of marriage.

Ancient laws referred “man” as human person of all genders including woman asserting equality for all. It is those radical feminists who wanted their own identity isolated the words man and woman to specific genders. Some furthered identity politics with desire of dominance instead of equality created new words like womankind, womanhood etc. Thus the word “man” became gender specific and cascaded into many misinterpretations of old statements with reference to those words.

GENDER: Most people believe that there are only 2 genders across world and all religious books referred to only 2 genders. This is also untrue and false. Many cultures across world has more than 2 genders (Fa’afafine in Samoa). With reference to Christianity, original texts were written in Hebrew. And there are classical Judaism text in Hebrew language with reference to 6 genders of human person. And English is an Anglo-Saxon language, They did have 3 genders and even today’s German (Saxon) also has third gender (Neutrum) in their language.

So WTF is gender binary?

So, let us accept that this 2 gender thing is recent modern construct, probably for the ease of paperwork by governing authorities but nothing religious or ancient here. Nothing is binary in life, even in numbers we have numbers such as 2,3,4,5… that are not 0 and 1. 😎

Let us be open-minded to expand our knowledge with facts and truth, NOT with superstitions and rumors.

It is okay if you believed in lies or false info all your life, we all do. It is okay to relive the moments when we realized “Santa Claus” is not real. Or the moment when we realized Pluto is not a planet even though we were taught so in schools and we believed so for a long time.

Change is the only constant, it is okay to change our lifetime beliefs as we did with “Santa”. If we can let go of superstitious belief of Santa, we can do the same for other beliefs too including marriage definition, sexuality, genders.

Open-mindedness to listen and learn new things makes us a better person, even if it is against lifetime beliefs.

Often, our stubbornness causes more problems and isolation, imagine if you held on to your belief of “Santa Claus” as real because you were told so and continue to grow older. Either you would be creating problems for others with your belief or you would be isolated by others for your belief. Neither is good.

"Being Human". Omnist. Be ‘Happy’ and add more happiness to others. Translating thoughts into words.

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