Stop blaming Trump!

White people! Racist Media!

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2 min readJan 13, 2021

In the light of events in Capitol Hill, Washington DC on Jan 6th, 2021.

Many of the protestors were highly educated Americans with college degrees, Decorated Veterans from various branches of US military, First responders, Law enforcement officers across the country, Business Owners, etc.

Most of all, they are White People just being themselves. They are educated enough to know Right from Wrong!

White People are being White people!

STOP blaming Trump! Take responsibility!

When white people are involved and things go wrong, there is no accountability for their own actions. But always quick to deflect the blame on someone else and something else.

Media portrays them as victims with sympathy while deflecting the blame on President Trump, Right-wing media, Mental health, misled by someone or something, etc.

Whereas, the same media and same people would blame the whole community of PoC (People of Color), even when it was one Person of color did something wrong on their own.

Double standard by Media and Journalists!

When PoC, Race/ skin color/ Ethnicity/ Religion are highlighted repeatedly by the media. When White, No mention of those.

Note: This post is not about who deserves blame, it is about Racism in Media and double standards.

Multiple Previews in 2020:

For many months, we have seen multiple previews of similar events in State Capitols across USA from Michigan to Oregon.

Why act surprised now?

When similar events happened in State Capitols, there was inaction by Law enforcement and political parties (Left and Right wing). They walked free with no consequences every time.

Michigan Apr 2020:

What are you doing about it?

Peace, Joy, and prosperity for all of Humanity!



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