Strykers are worse than Epsteins

Stryker Corporation and Stryker family are Evil.

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This is a true story in Corporate America and these heinous crimes against humanity continue unabated to date.

True Story! Real-life events!

Ronda Stryker — Evil sex predator

Ronda Stryker

Ronda and Stryker management team are obsessed with toilet cam/ spy cam porn streamed Live from the employee’s private residence.

Inhuman Barbarism beyond imagination.

Sadistic torture is much worse by poisoning and inflicting illnesses; then watch their physical suffering on a live feed. They continuously repeated this for many years.

Gross violation of basic human rights!

Stryker Family! Sadistic ‘Vile’ beings:

Here is the news story about Ronda’s son Michael. Stryker family is obsessed with spycam porn of employees. While Michael was charged for his crimes, Ronda and Stryker management continue unspeakable heinous crimes against humanity.

Original post on LinkedIn:

Strykers are eviler than Nazis:

In Nazi camps, the process was much quicker to death. Whereas these sadistic evils of Corporate America have been perpetrating this barbarism for many years now.

They perpetrated unimaginable amounts of torture and barbaric acts for their sadistic pleasures. Even drinking water was poisoned.

No words can describe the tantamount of suffering.

Remember, this picture from the NAZI era. It does not end there. Now, Stryker and other Nazi enterprises are streaming raw nudity, poisoning the food/ water with continued torture, torment and traumatizing their target for years just for the pleasure of sadistic corporate evils. They are eclipsing Nazis with 21st-century technology.

Ronda and Strykers are Putrid vile beings.

How many more have to suffer and die before strykers are stopped?

Hitler is no evil compared to Ronda and Stryker management.

Corporate Work Culture — inhuman barbarism:

This is not just some typical workplace bully or racism or sexual harassment or groping of low-level employees, but the corporate management goes much beyond imagination with nasty gruesome acts crushing human souls. Such acts include privacy intrusion, eavesdropping on private calls/ conversations, spy cams, toilet cams, hidden cameras all over the private residence of the employee including bedroom, restroom, etc.

All without the consent of concerned employee.

This is not some revenge porn but a well-coordinated corporate spy-cam porn scandal executed by many evil-minded professionals for malignant reasons with Legal Abuse and sinister threats. Any non-consensual porn is pure evil regardless of age or gender or race-ethnicity.

Blame and shame the Victim with legal abuse and abuse of power/ wealth!

Just like Child Pornography, the perpetrators here too have the same evil desire for 24x7 live raw visuals of someone in their private living space with hidden cameras but they are aided and abetted by high profile corporate executives. Capturing raw nude visuals including periods of sickness, house guests of all ages.

Twisted perverts, racist Nazis, vile beings as corporate executives & professionals.

These so-called white-collar professionals and corporate executives shamelessly fulfill their toilet cam fetishes, voyeuristic pervert desires by streaming and ranting of those spy cam visuals with raw nudity at the workplace. Management executives shamelessly ranting about the spy cam visuals while the employee is still unaware of being violated.

This is a new low for humanity.

Update Dec 2022:

Lynching attempts continue unabated and they make it harder to survive every time . This time it meant certain death.

Lynching event on Dec 2022: poisoning everything including the water source and the pitcher. They planned to cause slow death for days to come and watch on live stream. Strykers, Corporate Nazis favor slow death for their own pleasure.

It was a hell lot of sufferings but I did survive. Hope this post stays for the world to know if I don’t make it alive next time.

Know Strykers, Say NO to Strykers!



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