Héms 😎
2 min readMar 8, 2018


It would be a disgrace on “International Women’s day” to oppress voice of a woman and suspend popular accounts like Svetlana Voreskova. Hopefully this is temporary for some investigation of false complaints by Medium Staff.

Most of us knew Svetlana Voreskova from her Medium posts only. She had good amount of followers too, also there are many who hated her for speaking the truth about evils of feminism that is destroying humanity.

Famous quote by Plato would be so appropriate here.

No one is more hated than he who speaks “The Truth”.

Svetlana Voreskova is a role model for other women on how to be an adult with self-respect. In her posts she showed that women are no less of human and can stand for themselves, defend their beliefs like any man. Further debunking feminists who portray women as weak, spineless cry babies.

No two persons can completely agree upon everything with each other’s perspectives. So there are times we do not agree upon other’s posts or responses. Whether right or wrong, when provoked she would defend herself as an individual human being instead of gender bashing or cowering and claiming victim with feminist ideologies.

Not that one needs to agree or disagree with everything, but there is always another perspective of every issue probably from deeper thinking or from misinformation. If any individual had problems, they had options to ignore the posts or just block the person in worst case.

After all, Medium is supposed to be free and open platform with freedom of speech. Whether it was a heated argument or humble agreement, they are just perspectives of a random individual in this open platform.

Medium, you can do much better.

Moreover all the responses to her posts and responses are orphaned with posts showing user response to “Story unavailable”. Even when suspending accounts for valid reasons, they could have left the past posts and responses in place for continuum. It is a blot on user experience.

Medium Staff could do many other things to maintain freedom of speech instead of suspending popular accounts. Also Medium has no option to flag or down vote posts that promote hatred, terrorism, mob violence, false propaganda or fake news posts. It would be great to see more tools for individuals to filter.