Thoughtful post here. In this case of baker issue, there are already lots of misconceptions and misinformation spread by many creating false perception of this issue. Below is my response to one such post which is falsely presented as if they are pro-gay and worried about violating rights of baker as a private citizen, also twisting the headline word ‘message’ as some offensive message on the cake rather than the baker’s perception of his actions.

And there are many such posts feeding misinformation twisting the actual issue setting false prejudice among public. Unfortunately those posts are articulated so well-enough many open-minded good people fall prey for such misinformation.

Most often perceptions are equated with reality and truth whereas false perceptions are created by evil minds with malign intentions and sinister agenda. In reference to California Prop 8, it was confusingly worded that many perceived ‘yes’ vote for marriage equality and little efforts were made to eliminate false prejudices set by false propaganda that lead to major loss.

Most often haters by opinion are just misinformed public with false prejudice pushed into their minds by evils. By pushing them away we are letting them believe in their false prejudice. Also it is not that easy to remove false prejudice but we just need to believe that over time, good wins over evil and truth alone triumphs. Any impulsive reaction might actually hurt the cause which is counterproductive.

Further in any equality issue, one needs to provide confidence to public that they would never infringe upon individual rights of others and assure that they are just focused on human rights for all. And spreading awareness of truth on social issues by exposing false prejudices respectfully.

Just like the mentioned person in your post, many do believe that everyone deserves freedom of choice to discriminate in private capacity. At a different level like sexual preferences or whatever one does in their private living space. Sexual activity is private life, too personal and intimate, everyone deserves the freedom of choice to discriminate here in private capacity. Having sexual preferences or respectfully refusing sexual intercourse with someone is demonized as racism, sexism and misogyny by feminists with public shaming. It sounds stupid but it does happen quite often and that is feminism nowadays. Personal sexual/ Dating preferences of a private citizen are equated with discrimination by feminists. Also there is unfounded fear that gay rights might also turn into evil like feminism in future. Sounds hyperbolic but pragmatic thought for some. So clear communication and clear separation from evilness of unrelated activist movements also matters for creating good perception in public. Also a disclaimer message on discussion of lgbtq social issues to guarantee that we strive for equality as in human rights issue with mutual respect for each other and nothing beyond that. Even though it is obvious, an explicit statement would be of much help to suppress baseless fears.

Most often people get defensive possibly due to their past traumatic experiences that are furthered by plethora of misinformation and misconceptions setting false prejudice on such social issues like this one.

We all have different perspectives and approaches to issues based on past experiences. There is no right or wrong. Hope this post is taken in the right context with optimism. Am just throwing my 2 cents here. We acknowledge that you all have the best intentions to serve the common interest of Public to establish human rights for all by ending discrimination of the marginalized. Thanks!

Also the real haters are not the ones with false prejudice by misinformation, it is those who falsely present themselves as moderates or one of our own such as the author referred in my first para here who has a misleading post on baker issue. It is folks like them who spread misconceptions, feed misinformation, set false prejudice leading to more discrimination and oppression. Call it wolves in sheep’s clothing or whatever metaphor. They deceive us, everyone, and the truth. Also this is not a personal attack, in a democracy with freedom of speech there will be rumor spreaders. Below quote might be appropriate.

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

By the time we explain the facts, most people would have already made up their mindset with rumors and fake news. Unfortunate reality is that it takes lot of efforts just to establish the simple truth and much more efforts to correct the false prejudices.

"Being Human". Omnist. Be ‘Happy’ and add more happiness to others. Translating thoughts into words.

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